Hearty Congratulations to Anju Tomy (Third Semester BBA) who cleared Company Secretary (CS) Foundation Programme from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The Foundation Programme is the first stage. She will have to undergo two other stages to be professionally qualified as Company Secretary: Executive Programme and Professional Programme. The Company Secretary is an in-house legal expert, a compliance officer of the company, an expert in corporate laws, securities laws & capital market and corporate governance, chief advisor to the board of directors on best practices in corporate governance, responsible for all regulatory compliances of company, and corporate planner and strategic manager

Shijina K.V., Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Staff Co-ordinator of Nature Club, along with four students from here, had a thrilling and refreshing experience for two days on 25th & 26th June 2016 participating in an All Kerala Rain Camp at Madayipara, one of the most scenic tourist spots in Malabar region. Larking about in the incessant rain without umbrellas, the 40 nature lovers from schools, colleges and from diverse walks of life across Kerala had a soothing feel at its best. The most exciting part of the rain camp was the Frogging Trip in the midnight from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m., with everyone walking in the rain to Madayipara to identify the wide varieties of frogs listening to their distinct croaks. There invigorating walk early in the morning on the second day to spot different species of birds was another enthralling package of the rain camp. The outing to Vadakundha Temple, Madayi Kavu, Butterfly Park, Judha Pond, and to the China clay mining area was special. The visit to the mining area was a startling revelation on the merciless devastation of charming nature. Hridya P, Archana Bijo and Sayuraj from Third Semester BA English Literature and Agnes Francis from Third Semester BCA were the students who represented Don Bosco Arts & Science College. The camp was organized jointly by Malabar Natural History Society (MNHS) and the Society for Environmental Education in Kerala (SEEK). It was the 17th rain camp held at Madayipara.

Spearheading Anti-Drugs Movement in the campus this year, students and staff took an oath during the Morning Assembly on June 27th Monday 2016, never to take drugs and to prevent others from resorting to substance abuse. Anumol Mathew, Student Co-ordinator of Anti-Drugs Campaign, hailing from the Department of Mathematics, led the oath-taking ceremony.

Widening the social conscience of the NSS volunteers in the College and empathizing with the underprivileged, students were taken to ‘Chakkarakkuttan’, an orphanage at Ulikkal on Saturday 25th June 2016, accompanied by Mr. Bipin Antony, Faculty In-charge of Physical Education. An informal gathering, punctuated with cultural programmes, made their visit special for the inmates craving for love and attention, without their near and dear ones. The orphanage premises were cleaned and a nominal financial contribution was made for the orphanage as a token of appreciation for the service rendered to the destitute.

The Pain & Palliative Care Team of the two NSS units in the college identified with the cancer patients being at the point of death struggling with excruciating pain at ‘Snehasparsam, attached to Christhuraja Hospital, Thokkilangady, near Koothuparamba on Saturday 25th June 2016. The Assistant Professor in the Department of Malayalam and NSS Programme Officer, Rajisha C.K. accompanied the students. NSS volunteers were also given training on ‘grow bag farming’ at Government Higher Secondary School, Thokkilangady and Kinathi Farm, Koothuparamba.

Nature Club, fully immersed in making the campus more eco-tuned planting trees and conscientizing the staff and students about the indispensability of environmental conservation, is now on an innovative move to make the campus and the residential areas of the students and staff plastic-free with its ‘Leave Plastic Love Nature Campaign’. The Manager and Rector of Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Fr. Dr. K.O. Thomas inaugurated the campaign on 22nd Wednesday June 2016, handing over the plastic covers collected from the campus to the Core Team members. As part of the campaign, Nature Club will continue to collect plastic covers from students, and both teaching and non-teaching staff. Nature Club has made required arrangements with Chembilode Grama Panchayat for recycling the plastic items collected.

Don Bosco Arts & Science College has proved its credentials as an educational institute of excellence, with two of its students emerging as top scorers in Kannur University for BA English Literature. Greeshma Johny has the highest score (91%), with the CGPA coming to 3.62. The second highest score in the University is for Ann Treesa Benny (89%), with the CGPA 3.56. There are four students in the University with A grade. The other two are from PRNAS College, Mattannur, and Government College, Payyannur. The highest number of students with B grade in the university is also from Don Bosco Arts & Science College. Out of 48 students who appeared for the examination, 10 of them have B Grade. Securing the best result in the University in terms of percentage of pass (96%) and grade point, Don Bosco Arts & Science College is on a triumphant mode.

Among the 58 colleges offering BCom in Kannur University, Don Bosco Arts & Science College having the highest number of students (100 students) appearing for the examinations, can boast of an impressive academic feat. Of 60 students who appeared for BCom Computer Application, nine students have B , 26 of them have B Grade, 20 with C Grade, and four of them have C Grade. The top scorers are: Suzenna Babu CGPA 3.34 84% Jijina Sebastian CGPA 3.29 82% Jilu George CGPA 3.29 82% For B.Com Co-operation, eight students are with B , 13 of them, with B Grade, 11 with C Plus, and two with C Grade. The top scorers are: Anisha Charles CGPA 3.27 82% Aswini Michael CGPA 3.22 81%

The first batch of BBA students at Don Bosco Arts & Science College, with their scintillating performance, secured the second best results in Kannur University. 40 students appeared for the examinations. Two are with B Grade. Eight of them have B Grade. 17 students are with C and seven are with C Grade. The top scorer is Harsha Vasu with CGPA 3.24 (81%).

Securing 94% pass, Don Bosco Arts & Science College, along with SES College, Sreekandapuram and Mary Matha College, Mananthavady, has emerged as one of the best three colleges in Kannur University for BSc Mathematics, as per the results of the outgoing batch published on Tuesday, June 14. Of the 30 students who appeared for the examinations, five of them bagged A grade, 7 had B , 11 with B, and 5 with C .

Securing 100% pass, the first batch of BCA students at Don Bosco Arts & Science College has left an extraordinary legacy, and made the Management, staff and students proud. Of the 24 students who finished their BCA from here this year, four of them secured B , 10 each with B Grade and C grade.

Fifteen English Proficiency teachers from various departments of Don Bosco Arts and Science College had an intensive Language Lab Training programme on Wednesday,15th June, 2016 . Ms. Anu A S, Ms. Irine Treesa Francis, Mr.Ashams Philip, Mr.Sudheesh Vincent, Sr. Daisylet, Ms. Octo Susy, Ms. Soorya Thanckachan, Ms. Anju Baby, Ms. Jijisha V C, Ms. Deepthy Joseph, Mr. Jithesh M Mullool, Mr.Christy P Benny, Mr. Sojimon C C, Ms. Anila Mary Thomas, Mr. Zavierkutty Francis were the Faculty members who underwent training by Rahul Devadas from Ore’ll Technosystems Pvt. Ltd, Kochi.

Mathrubhumi ,the leading daily in Malayalam selected five MCJ students from Angadikadavu Don Bosco Arts & Science College in the recruitment drive held here on 09th June 10, 2016. Anuranj M, Sreekala M .S, Jesna George, Jisni y K Jose, Don K Dominic, Sanita K and Joju .P who are just completing their MCJ (Master of Communication and Journalism) added another feather to the MCJ cap. They were shortlisted, out of the seventeen students and five of them were finally called for personal interview. Hearty Congratulations on your success!

On the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 5), Nature Club at Don Bosco Arts & Science College, went a step ahead in making the Eco-Tuned Don Bosco Campus greener and scenic, with 50 saplings collected from the Department of Forests, Government of Kerala, being planted at strategic spots. Alan Thomas, Fifth Semester student from the Department of Computer Application (BCA) was the winner in the Environment Quiz conducted by Nature Club.

Congrats to III Semester B.Sc Mathematics (2014-17) "A" Grade holders on their BEST PERFORMANCE IN THE UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION