Nature Club

Nature Club offers opportunities for social cohesion and for building social capital. Environmental consciousness cannot exist in a vacuum and thus needs social space to find true meaning and relevance. Our Nature Club aims at arresting further environmental degradation by raising awareness and fostering teamwork and social and ecological sensitivity.

The students are motivated to develop an eco-friendly attitude to preserve and conserve our invaluable legacy. The club encourages the students to live in harmony with nature by engaging them in engrossing pursuits such as sapling, planting, nurturing, caring and protecting plants.

Sports Club

Sports Club is established to develop athleticism, to keep students healthy in body and in mind. Sports Club provides coaching for committed performers. College provides all amenities and facilities for games such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis to equip the students for intercollegiate and university tournaments.

Dance & Music Club

Kattankaappi, the Dance & Music Club brings out the dancing and music talents among students and provides them a stage to showcase their dancing forte. Club offers opportunities in the form of fests, competitions and cultural shows for igniting and honing their bodily-kinesthetic and musical intelligences.

Drama Club

Drama Club promotes knowledge of theater practices through involvement in various activities, events, and performances. Drama Club conducts and hosts theater-related workshops, directs and performs plays, holds regular meetings to develop skills in all areas of theater, such as acting, directing, scripting, and designing lights, sound, scenery, costumes, and make-up and equips students for inter-collegiate and university level competitions.

Film Club

Film Club screens multi-lingual and multi-genre mainstream and parallel cinema and documentaries on a regular basis. It aims to educate and empower students by analyzing the medium and probing into various issues which it puts into the public domain, and to creatively employ the cinematic medium for pertinent interventions on socially relevant issues. Film Club helps students to make short films, too give training in direction, script writing, to create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film making, to screen world classics and evaluate them critically and to conduct seminars, workshops, quiz competitions and film festivals.

Photography Club

Photography Club provides opportunities to feed your passion for photography. The aim of the Club is to document every event that takes place on campus through the medium of the camera, in both photo and video format. It also seeks to hone the skills of students interested in the medium, and to introduce interested students to the basics in the field. To this end, Club arranges workshops by professional photographers, sets up a viewing gallery of best the pictures taken by the members of the club and to equips students to participate in online and spot photography competitions.

Debate Club

Communication skills aren’t just essential to your career. If you can’t express your ideas to other people, if you can’t make them understand what you think and feel, you have a real problem. Debate teaches you to organize your ideas so that you can express them clearly. Debating also gives you the poise and self-confidence you need to stand up and explain your opinions. Debate doesn’t teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think. It teaches you to examine information and ideas closely and critically. Debate Club equips you to be articulate, penetrative and persuasive in your communication.

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with entrepreneurs, and share ideas. Students in the club will participate in the development of a business, at minimum by working on a business plan, but ideally also by being part of implementing a start-up.

Clubs in Charge

Sl/No Clubs Staff In-Charge
1 Alumni Shanu Salman C S, Sarath Krishnan, Sindhu P M, Sojimol P J
2 Career Guidance Soniya Sherin Sebastian
3 Placement Cell Jossy Chacko
4 Remedial Coaching Nishamol N V
5 Finishing School Honey A K
6 Literature Club Sarath Krishnan
7 Music Club Jisna Kuriakose
8 Photography Club Shanu Salman C S
9 Nature Club Nishamol N V
10 Entrepreneur club Centil Abraham
11 Dance Club (DARE) Meenu Maria Tom
12 English Theatre Club Deepa P Divakar