Our Principal

Our Principal


Dr. Francis Karackat SDB


Dr. Francis Karackat SDB, the winner of Shalom Media Award in July 2019 for the best inspiring writer in Malayalam, is the Principal of Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu, affiliated to the University of Kannur in Kerala.

He completed his Doctorate in Journalism on ‘Ethics in Newspaper Journalism in Kerala’, with Dr. J.V. Vilanilam, the former Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University as his Research Guide, from the University of Kerala.

He served as the Chairman of Board of Studies for Journalism and Mass Communication in Kannur University for two terms and pioneered the department of journalism in Kannur University with the postgraduate programme in journalism at Don Bosco Arts & Science College Angadikadavu.

He qualified UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) in Journalism and Mass Communication in 1996 and was the Head of the Department of Journalism at Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu for eleven years.

He was in The Hindu newspaper and in the PTI (Press Trust of India) news agency in Thiruvananthapuram for a short stint, and has been the Chief Editor of Don Bosco, a widely circulated, popular, secular magazine in Malayalam, for eighteen years.

He is the author of 32 books, all of them on themes across-the-board, and bestsellers. He had been to France, Thailand, Italy and Rome for International Conferences. Dr. Francis Karackat is a Catholic Priest of Don Bosco

His 34 Bestsellers

  • Spoken English Textbook
    Maarikondirikunna Keralam

    (Kerala on Change Mode)

  • 21-aam Noottandile Kudumba Bendangal

    (Family Relationship in 21st Century)

  • Padanathinu Maanthrikathanthrangal

    (Magical Study Methods)

  • Malayaleeyude Tension

    (Kerala on Tension Mode)

  • Sumthripthiyude Thaakkol

    (The Keys of Fulfilling Life)

  • Sumthripthiyude Thaakkol

    (The Keys of Fulfilling Life)

  • Manasaanthiyude Paathaa

    (The Media Invasion)

  • Naaleyude Velluvilikal

    (The Challenges of Tomorrow)

  • Varum Thalamurayude Paithrukaam

    (The Legacy for Emerging Generation)

  • Jeevitha Paadangal

    (The Lessons of Life)

  • Moolyangalude Punaprethishta

    (A Return to Morals)

  • Madyama Thalamurayude Maargadarshi

    (A Guide for Media-Driven Generation)

  • Padanavum Pareekshayum Eluppamakaan

    (Tips to Make Study and Examination Easy)

  • Thiricharivinte Kavaadam

    (Door to Wisdom)

  • Vazhithirivinte Vazhi

    (Route to Turning Points in Life)

  • Dharmika Vyedhichalanangal

    (Moral Deviations)

  • Swabhava Roopeekarana Padanangal

    (Lessons of Character Formation)

  • Madhyamangal Cheyyunnathum Naam Cheyyendathum

    (Dos and Don’ts with Mass Media)

  • Maariya Vidyarthikalum Maarenda Adhyapakarum

    (Teachers and Students on Change Mode)

  • Dhampathyathile Samakaalika Velluvilikal

    (The Contemporary Challenges of Married Life)

  • Makkalude Susthithiyum Surakshithathavum

    (Children’s Wellness and Safety)

  • Aatmeeyathayude Rolemodelukal

    (Role Models of Spirituality)

  • Moolyadhishtitha Jeevitha Darshanam

    (Value-Centered Vision of Life)

  • Shikshana Paadangal

    (Principles of Discipline Enforcement)

  • Jeevitha Poratta Manthrangal

    (Life Crisis Management Strategies)

  • Personality Guide
  • Family Guide
  • The Mass Media from a Christian Perspective
  • Media Guide
  • Divorce Capital
  • Journalism: A Manual for Budding Reporters
  • Journalism: A Manual for Budding subeditors

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