Don Bosco Initiative for Social Action (DISA) is an outreach activity of Don Bosco College DISA is a registered non-governmental organisation by Salesians of Don Bosco at Angadikadavu, Iritty. DISA has been accredited by Govt of Kerala as an official agency for conducting social impact assessment studies. DISA is working for the last few years coordinating all the extension activities of Don Bosco Angadikadavu.
Director: Fr.Sojan Pananchikkal sdb
[email protected]
PH:+91 9446573012, +91 7907651009

Aim and objectives of DISA

  • To function as an extension wing of Don Bosco arts and science college, Angadikadavu and especially of the department of social work.
  • To study, analyse and attempt the solution for the multiple problems of the particular people of Kerala with special focus to tribal communities.
  • To organise and conduct training programmes, vocational and skill development programmes for the welfare and development of people from backward communities in general and for the welfare of tribal, transgender, senior citizens migrants and children in any kind for need and protection.
  • To facilitate rural camp, studies, field visit for the better development and understanding among social work, psychology and NSS students also provide support to other educational institutions for conducting the same.


  • To empower the powerless and be a catalytic agent for the underprivileged through different livelihood programmes.
  • To provide counseiling to children, youth, women, couples, families and elderly in different spheres of life and to run counselling centres.
  • To stimulate awareness and active involvement of people in their development issues and to come forward with need-based development projects.


DREAM (Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring)

DREAM focuses on improved strategies to prevent drug and alcohol use among children and youth through awareness generation, school outreach, life guidance, counseiling, mental health services and deaddiction services.

KISMAT (Kerala Inter-State Migrants Alliance for Transformation) The project is a flagship project of BREADS Bangalore and it implements 12 migrant help desks in 11 districts of Kerala in order to protect and uphold the rights of inter state migrant labourers and thereby ensuring their welfare.

WELivE (Women Empowerment Through Livelihood and Entrepreneurship)

It is a project for sustainable income for rural women through entrepreneurship development and social empowerment.

SIA (Social Impact Assessment)

Social impact assessment (SIA) is a process for the identification, analysis, assessment, management and monitoring of the potential social impacts of a project, both positive and negative.


CHILDLINE India Foundation is the best NGO in India that operates a telephone helpline called Childline for children in distress. Nodal CHILDLINE Kannur is working in Don Bosco College.