Best Practices ( ELSEN & CEEPS )

Employability and Leadership Skill Enhancement Networks

Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu offers ELSEN as a special package to students to counter the acute unemployment problem facing the nation.

Students are trained here not just to be qualified but to be competent for a lucrative career suited to their aptitude in the following ways:

  • English Proficiency Certificate Course
    Since fluency in English is a requisite for a successful profession, all the students who join the college are given a week-long 25-hour intensive practical-oriented English Proficiency Certificate Course in the first semester itself.
    Students on rotation deliver speeches in English in the classroom regularly.
    Students are given opportunity to give three-minute messages in English during the Morning Assembly.
    The Hindu newspaper is given to all the students at a discount rate for English proficiency enhancement.
  • Finishing School Soft Skill Certificate Course
    Don Bosco Arts & Science College has been networking with three professional corporate training academies Privartan, Blue Point and Synergy, offering specialized soft skill training to our students to equip them for impressive performance in job interviews and group discussions, to tutor them for resume preparation, self-marketing, corporate etiquette, and physical grooming, and to mould them into self-confident, articulate, smart, and employable professionals.

  • Mentoring Certificate
    The Mentoring Department ensures that every student in the college is personally guided, monitored and assisted by a Mentor throughout the years of their studies in the college, with frequent personal meetings, friendly accompaniment, timely interventions, and the right channelization of their potentials. A certificate is issued to all the students at the end of their studies carrying their personality strengths attested by the Principal and the Mentor.
  • Leadership Proficiency Training and Scholarship
    The students who join the college are given wide range of opportunities to excel in non-academic realms, organizing high-profile campus fests and intercollegiate fetes. Students are sculpted into prolific leaders, with their maximum involvement in extracurricular activities:
    DISC: Donbosco International Silverscreen Carnival, hosted by the Department of Journalism
    COMET: Commerce Fest, hosted by the Department of Commerce
    SLATE: Literature Fest, hosted by the Department of English
    EQUINOX: Management Fest, hosted by the Department of Management
    DISBEE: Spell Bee Fest, hosted by the PG Department of English
    National Social Work Research Conference: Hosted by the Department of Social Work
    Interdepartmental and Intercollegiate Arts &Sports Fests: Students are offered professional training to participate and win prizes in university level competitions, to be recognized as best performers.
    The Alumni Association presents special scholarship to the best leader from every batch, and to the best intercollegiate performers from PG and UG sections.

Civic Engagements for Empathetic and Philanthropic Services

Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu moulds students into, not just intellectually competent and morally upright persons, but socially committed and civically responsible citizens. CEEPS is the platform to inculcate in students the perception of “service to the needy as an ethical requisite.” The major ingredients of CEEPS are:

  • Sneha Veedu Housing Project
    A house is constructed every year for a deserving family from the marginalized section in the neighbourhood, with the involvement of all the stakeholders of the institution: management, staff, students, parents, alumni and the well-wishers from the public.
    Five houses were constructed and handed over to five families during the last five years: from 2015-2020. The sixth Sneha Veedu work is in progress. The project is carried out under the leadership of NSS. Recognizing this civic engagement, Don Bosco Arts & Science College received the BEST NSS Unit, BEST NSS Volunteer, and BEST NSS Programme Officer awards in Kannur University twice, in 2018 and 2020.
  • Sneha Veedu 2019-20

    Sneha Veedu 2018-19

    Sneha Veedu 2017-18

    Sneha Veedu 2016-17

    Sneha Veedu 2015-16

  • Flood Relief Engagements
    When flood devastated Kerala in 2018 and 2019, our students were partners with the panchayaths, municipalities, and the Social Welfare Department, actively engaging in rescue operations, rehabilitation services in relief camps, and assistance in the worst-affected areas, supplying basic necessities like food, clothes, medicine, and household essentials, and spearheading the clean-up operation.
  • COVID 19 Assistance
    During the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown period from 25 th March 2020 – 31 st May 2020, our students were close collaborators with the local government authorities aiding the needy, supplying provisions to 100 poor families in the neighbourhood without regular income. LED TV and smart phones were donated to tribal children and poor students to attend television and online classes. Networking with the District Mental Health Programme (DMHP), counselling services were offered to those in quarantine.
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
    Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu is one among the three colleges in Kerala, along with Loyola College, Thiruvnanthapuram and Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, chosen by the Government of Kerala, to carry out the Social Impact Assessment (SIA): process of research, planning and the management of social change or consequences (positive and negative, intended and unintended) arising from policies, plans, developments and projects of the Government.
    The SIAs of the key government projects like the land acquisition for IIT Palakkad and Sabari Rail project were completed, with the ardent involvement of the students supervised by their seasoned Faculty members.
  • Linkages with Care Homes, PHCs and Panchayaths
    Students are given regular exposure to foster empathetic and philanthropic mindset, taking them to the Care Homes like orphanages, old age homes, palliative care units, and the rehabilitation centres for the physically and mentally challenged, to be with the inmates for a day, washing their clothes, giving them haircut, cleaning up the centre and the surroundings, and giving them provisions and essentials.
    Collaborating with the Public Health Centres (PHCs), Health, Social and Child Welfare Departments, students are actively engaged, conducting health awareness campaigns, leading disease prevention crusades, and battling against drug trafficking and substance abuse especially through street plays, human chain demonstratiions, and flash mobs.
    With the backing of the panchayath authorities, check dams were constructed for water conservation, saplings were planted as part of afforestation drive to fight climate concerns, and a tuition centre was launched in the tribal colony to offer remedial coaching to tribal children.