To maintain conducive ambience for academic rigour and behavioral etiquette, the following guidelines are issued:

  1. We begin the day with the attendance taken at 9.35 a.m., followed by the College Assembly in the college auditorium with Student’s Prayer, Common Prayer, Announcements and a short life-oriented message.
  2. The first hour that begins after College Assembly will end at 10.45. The interval for 15 minutes is at 11.40 after the second hour. The lunch break will begin at 12.50 and will end at 1.35. Attendance will be taken after the lunch break. The fourth hour will end at 2.35. Class will end at 3.30 p.m. for UG students. For BSW and PG students, class will end only at 4.30 p.m.
  3. Students should wear their identity card around their neck in the campus throughout the academic schedule. No student without identity card shall enter the class.
  4. Students should carry their identity cards when they represent the college for any function outside.
  5. Loss of identity card must be intimated to the college office immediately.
  6. Replacement of lost identity card will be done at a cost decided by the Principal.
  7. Students should produce their identity card to enter library and computer lab.
  8. Students should surrender their identity card when they complete their course to get their Transfer Certificate issued.
  9. Students should wear uniform on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays formal dress code has to be maintained. Low-waist pants, t-shirts, leg-ins and fancy wears are not permitted.
  10. The medium of communication in the campus is English. English Proficiency Course is offered at the beginning of the academic year to communicate and converse in English. ‘The Hindu’ newspaper is available at a discount rate from Monday to Friday to facilitate the process of mastering English language.
  11. The consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc. is strictly prohibited in the campus and in the hostels. Serious punitive action shall be taken against those who consume them.
  12. Students are strictly prohibited from indulging in anti-national, anti-social, communal and political activities in the campus and in the hostels.
  13. Campus keeps equal distance from all political organizations and political ideologies. Students are strictly prohibited from organizing, attending or participating in any activity or agitation sponsored by student organizations of political parties.
  14. No student shall circulate notices, pamphlets, leaflets etc in the campus and hostels.
  15. Every student shall behave and conduct oneself in the college and hostels in a dignified and courteous manner.
  16. Campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  17. Campus is Wi-Fi-enabled for students to access internet.
  18. No student shall exhibit banners, flags, flex boards etc. inside the campus without the authorized permission of the Principal.
  19. No student shall solicit fund from students in the campus and in the hostel without the authorized permission from the Principal.
  20. No students shall enter into any contract in the name of the college except with prior written authorization from college officials vested with the authority to sign a contract on behalf of the college.
  21. Maintain the etiquette required of campus life avoiding vulgar and profane language.
  22. Access to college buildings after normal academic hours is permitted only with permission from Principal.
  23. Maintain the protocol to be followed in classrooms.
  24. Students can enter Faculty Rooms only with permission.
  25. No Students can leave the campus during academic hours without the written permission of Principal.
  26. Students should maintain a sense of belonging to the college, taking care of classrooms, furniture, ICT equipment and electrical fittings. Avoid resting legs on the wall.
  27. Any breakdown or damage to any property caused by students must be brought to the notice of college authorities and the students responsible for it will be subjected to restitution and face disciplinary measures.
  28. Save electricity and water using the facilities only as per requirement.
  29. Park your vehicles in the allotted areas and drive cautiously to avoid accidents.
  30. Students using cars should register and obtain a pass from college office for parking in the college campus.
  31. Students participating in intercollegiate competitions should seek permission and carry the letter of authentication from the Principal.
  32. Being a Catholic institution, there will be Holy Mass once a month in the campus, preferably in the first week. Arrangements are made for Catholic students to make their Confession on the previous day. Non-Catholic students will have value education session in the seminar hall during Holy Mass.
  33. Study tours/batch picnics are organized as part of the academic programme and hence, it is mandatory for students to go. If there is a grave reason, exemption should be obtained from Principal.
  34. The study tour application and schedule, recommended by the class teacher and the Faculty In-charge, should be submitted to the Principal well in advance for approval by the Principal. A male and a female Faculty should accompany the students for the tour. Consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited during the tour and any violation in this regard will have stringent punitive measures. Students while enjoying their trip should also maintain the required decorum and avoid anything that will tarnish the image of the college.
  35. Keep the campus spick and span. Avoid throwing garbage in the campus. Help the domestic staff to maintain toilets clean and pristine.
  36. Healthy inclusive relationship without exclusiveness should reign in the campus. A relationship detrimental to the academic performance of a student or a relationship that is objectionable tarnishing the image of the college shall be reported to the concerned parents.
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