Mar 03/17

Let us purify our mindset and live happily: Anugraha Jose

There is a story of two monks in the Zen tradition. Two monks were travelling to a distant place. On the way they had to cross a river, as they started to cross the river they noticed a woman standing on the shore. She did not know to swim and thus she was in trouble. So one of them took her on his shoulders and helped her to cross the river and after that they continued their journey. But one of them seemed to be very upset, he questioned the other monk, “you are not worthy to be called a monk as you had a woman on your shoulders, do not go back to the monastery”. Then the other one replied to him, “I left that woman on the shore and I do not think about her anymore. I just tried to help her and now you are carrying her. ” Friends, everything depends on our mind and mindset, if our mind is impure everything that we see and hear would be seen and heard as impure. If our mind is pure we would think positively. This is what Jesus said in his Gospel of St. Mark, “there is nothing outside a man that can make him unclean. It is from within that evil thoughts, wickedness, deceit, envy, slander, pride and foolishness originate”. As Lord Buddha once said, “Mind is everything, what you think, you become”. Friends let us purify our mindset and live happily.

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