Don Bosco Arts & Science College has wide reputation across South India for organizing quality Residential National Fests, with a large number of students from various colleges within and outside Kerala participating in competitions pertaining to various disciplines. Fests foster leadership and organizing proficiency of students, creates we-feeling and synergy among students coming from multifarious backgrounds, and makes campus life thrilling.


Don Bosco International Silver Screen Carnival, organized by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, is a residential programme for three days. Films from across the world are screened in five theatres. Awards are presented for the best campus short films and documentaries, best television news presenters and television programme anchors, for best photography and for best film reviews. Fest will be concluded with a scintillating cultural extravaganza. About 500 delegates participate in DISC.


National Commerce and Management Fest, organized by the Department of Commerce, is a two-day residential programme. Several competitions are conducted for students in commerce and management streams from different colleges in South India. It is a much-sought after fete packed with wide variety of programmes and lucrative prize money. About 350 delegates come for the fest.


National Literature Fest, organized by the Department of English, is also a two-day residential programme, known for uniqueness in the packages offered and competitions conducted. Students from different colleges specializing in English Literature in the Universities across South India are given a rare opportunity to showcase your literary talents. About 300 delegates participate in the Fest.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE – Department of Social Work

A national level conference, organized by the Department of Social Work, is a Two-day programme centered on a relevant theme linked with social work, with the celebrated academicians and research scholars across the country presenting academic, research and concept papers annually.

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