Nov 21/17

Solar Power Plant Turns Don Bosco Campus Eco-Tuned

Don Bosco Institutes of Higher Education, offering six postgraduate and nine undergraduates programmes affiliated to the University of Kannur, have added another feather to their cap, commissioning the 30 KW Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar Power Plant to have the whole campus run on solar energy. Installed on the rooftop of Don Bosco Arts & Science College at the cost of Rs.25 lakh, with the Government subsidy received through the Agency for Non-conventional Energy & Rural Technology (ANERT), the solar power generation project was implemented by Tata Power Solar Company. The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) facilitated the installation process ensuring optimum power generation, with the required safety measures. Power is generated from 120 solar panels. The average production per day is 120 units of power. The power plant is also equipped with 10A and 5A Triplen Harmonic Filters from Encon Engineers, Bangalore. The installation of Reverse Power Relay Unit to synchronize the solar power generation with the diesel generator is also done. KSEB returned 80% of the registration fee to the college. The power generation is being monitored regularly on internet and every error is identified and addressed, said Fr. Dr. K.O. Thomas, College Manager.

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