B.Sc Psychology

Name of Programme Duration Total Seats Inception
B.Sc. Psychology 3 Years (Six Semesters) 24

Eligibility for Admission Admission Procedure
Pass in Plus Two Examination with English as one the subjects Admission is made on the basis of qualifying examination marks and additional weightage will be given as per the Kannur University Regulations.

Program Semester Core Courses Complementary Courses Common Courses
B.Sc. Psychology I Sem 1B 01 PSY Basics Of Psychology 1B 02 PSY Self Development Practices- Practical 1 - 1 C 01 PSY Elements of Human Physiology 1A01ENG Communicative English I 1A02 ENG Language Through Literature I 1A07 MAL Sahithya Ganagal 1A07 HIN Kavith Aur Kahani
II Sem 2B 03 PSY SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR 2B 04 PSY Self Development Practices- Practical 2 - 2 C 02 PSY Physiological Psychology 2A03 ENG Communicative English II 2A04 ENG Language Through Literature II 2A08 MAL Gathya Roopangal 2A08 HIN Vyakaran Tatha Rachana
III Sem 3B 05 PSY Cognitive Process 3B 06 PSY Experimental Psychology – Practical 1 - 3 C 03 PSY Neurobiological Perspectives of Behaviour - - 3A09 MAL Malayala Kavitha 3A09 HIN Gadya Ke Vividh Roop
IV Sem 4B 07 PSY Psychology Of Individual Differences 4B 08 PSY Experimental Psychology – Practical 2 - 4 C 04 PSY Bio Psychology 4A10 MAL Rachana Vivarthanam 4A010 HIN Natak Aur Upanyas
V Sem Core Courses Open Course
5B 09 PSY Methodology & Perspectives Of Psychology
5B 10 PSY Developmental Psychology
5B 11 PSY Psychology Of Life Style
5B 12 PSY Applied Psychology – 1
5B 13 PSY Psychological Testing- Practical 1
VI Sem 6B 14 PSY Applied Psychology - 2
6B 14 PSY Applied Psychology - 2
6B 15 PSY Counseling Psychology
6B 16 PSY Clinical Psychology
6B 17 PSY Psychological Testing – Practical 2
6B 18 PSY Practicum
6B 19 PSY Project
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